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Daniel Devenney

My Life In Fiction



Welcome to my life in fiction. My name is Daniel Devenney and I am a writer. To me, stories are everything. Whether they come from books, movies, music, the mouths of family and friends, or the scribblings of my own warped brain, simply put, they are my life. Literally. I work in a bookstore full time. In my spare time, if my heads not buried in a book, then I'm working on my first YA novel or various other projects. This website is my story... well, parts of it. Through poetry, short stories, book recommendations and various other forms of writing, I am inviting you into my wacky world of fiction.

Because what is life, if not our very own work of fiction? It is our own unique story, which we are constantly, subconsciously narrating. Our memories are the chapters that bind it all together, like tiny jigsaw puzzle pieces that we shuffle around in order to make sense of it all.


But how much of our memories are based solely on 100% solid fact? And how much of them have been fictionalised, at least in part, along the way? Like Einstein once said, “Memory is deceptive because it is coloured by the events of today.”


Why do we retain certain memories so vividly and discard others entirely? What makes those chosen few special? Maybe, they are integral to the story which we are creating in order to rationalise our lives, giving us some sense of direction and meaning. After all, isn’t the first question we ask of any story “what’s it about?” For me, this is the essence of storytelling. It’s our way of trying to better understand ourselves and the world around us, and sometimes, nothing is more truthful than fiction.

So come on in, pop the kettle on and make yourself at home. Who knows? Maybe, we'll learn a thing or two about ourselves along the way. 


May your days be filled with Peace, Love & Poetry.