The Gone series by Michael Grant

"Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'd offer you some tea and cookies, but all we have is boiled mole and artichokes. Plus, we kind of have a dead girl in the living room." - Howard, The Gone Series, by Michael Grant

This series is addictively bonkers! It's Stephen King's Under The Dome meets Lord Of The Flies meets X-Men. Weighing in at 6 books and around 3000 pages, it is not a light undertaking. However, it's certainly a worthwhile one. The story begins with a bang, or a "POOF!" to be more accurate. Sam Temple and his fellow classmates are sitting in history class listening to their teacher talk about the Civil War, when all of a sudden Poof! He, along with every other person over the age of 15 in Perdido Beach, California, vanishes into thin air.

As if this isn't enough crazy for these small town kids to handle, they are also trapped under a large dome...oh and some of them are developing mutant powers, sparking a hate war, and it is all some how connected to a 5 year old boy with autism. Yup. Insane. But what is surprising and perhaps most impressive about the series is the fact that as nuts as the plot is, its characters and their personal journeys couldn't be more believable.

Its heroes are at times as flawed as its villains, and its villains at times as human as its heroes (well except for Drake, he's flat out EVIL.) It reminded me a lot of a Stephen King novel, who funnily enough happens to love the series. It's part sci-fi thriller, part mystery, part horror, and all out action and gore.

These characters became part of my daily routine for so long. My bus rides to work and lunch breaks will feel strange without them for a while. The series may be Gone but it certainly won't be forgotten...see what I did there :P until next time, happy reading everyone.

"It's not the monsters who are so completely different that are scary, Sanjit reflected. It's the ones who are too human. They carry with them a warning that what happened to them might happen to you." - Sanjit, The Gone Series, by Michael Grant