Night Sghoul!

I wrote this for a weekly writing challenge on hitrecord around Halloween a couple of years back. The challenge was to write a short script featuring witches on a bus. The challenge was issued by hitrecords very talented Humberfloob. This is what I came up with.


The bus is filled with an assortment of ghouls and being driven by a ghost. At the front of the bus we have some nerdy looking Vampires frantically trying to get some last minute study in. Behind them we have some Werewolves in letterman jackets chanting and throwing a football around. The middle of the bus is filled with some punk rock looking Zombies and stoner Mummies. At the very back of the bus we have two very stuck up looking witches named ETHEL and LYDIA. They are both wearing fur coats and Gothic jewellery while scrolling through social media on their phones.

WEREWOLF JOCK: The Wisteria Wolves are gonna KILL this game! Hooooooooooowl!

VAMPIRE NERD #1: Don't these meat head wolves know that some of us are trying to study.

VAMPIRE NERD #2: Chill out dude, you've graduated 97 times.

ETHEL: So, have you decided on your dress for prom yet?

LYDIA: I'm still torn between the crimson red and midnight blue.

Close up shot of the two witches, excitedly gossiping about prom.

ETHEL: Has RICKY asked you?

LYDIA: He said he just has one more girl to ask first but if she declines I'm totes the one.

ETHEL: OMG LYDIA that's so huge! But wait, who else is he gonna ask? You're like the most popular girl at night sghoul and a shoe in for prom queen.

LYDIA: I know right? He's clearly taken a football to the head one too many times, but he's the dreamiest wolf on the team.

ETHEL: So come on spill? Who is this biatch?

LYDIA: You are not gonna believe this... ZARA WALKER!

ETHEL: ZOMBIE ZARA? What is he thinking? She's not even popular, although I guess she is kinda pretty.


ETHEL: I just mean in a road kill sort of way. She has nothing on you Lydia.

LYDIA: Well that's pretty obvi ETHEL. But don't worry, she's no longer a problem.

ETHEL: OMG! What did you do?

LYDIA: Nothing too extreme. I just followed her slow moving ass home, tied her up in chains, threw her in a coffin and put her right back where she belongs, six feet under.

ETHEL: You are so bad! I love it.

LYDIA: Corpse had it coming. She was totally melodramatic about it, shrieking and crying "No please don't do this, I'm claustrophobic". I was like "Bitch please, you don't even breathe. You'll get over it".

ETHEL: Typical, Zombies are so theatrical. Still, we should probably dig her up after prom.

LYDIA: I have us booked into a five star spa the next day and I am not ruining a fresh manicure for some emo zombie chick. I'll have the nanny fetch her carcass.

ETHEL: You always have the best ideas.

LYDIA: Duh! They didn't make me captain of the cheer squad for nothing.

ETHEL: But didn't you put a spell on the coach and the entire team to get that?


ETHEL: You're absolutely right LYDIA. I am so sorry. You totes earned that.

LYDIA: Thank you. OOOOOh we're here. I just know today is the day. Ricky is gonna ask me to prom, and if not we can always resort to the black arts to provide him with a little inspiration.

Wide shot, LYDIA and ETHEL exit the bus. To their horror ZARA is standing waiting for them. She looks extremely pissed off and has her fists clenched as broken chains dangle from them.


LYDIA: How the hell did you get free you dumb zombie skank.

Medium shot, ZARA is exposing her neck to LYDIA and

ETHEL, revealing a large bite mark.

ZARA: Didn't you hear? RICKY gave me a rather intense hickey on our last date.

Close up of ZARA, she has transformed into some kind of Zombie/Werewolf hybrid.

ZARA: I'm a WERE-BIE now Bitches!

Wide shot, ZARA rips LYDIA and ETHEL to shreds.

Overhead shot, ZARA is walking into school holding hands with RICKY.

A little stoner mummy is walking past the shredded carnage that she has left behind.

STONER MUMMY: Far out! That is totally gonna need stitches.

The End.