My home is now scattered around the globe

Like Autumn leaves, it is no longer tethered by roots or branches

But I know that I could not have existed without them

My home is not something that can be caged under brick or plaster

It resides in the laughter and tears of the people I love

Each one holding a tiny leaf, a fragment of my heart

You see, the heart is not merely a vessel

It is incorporeal, transcending shape and form

It is not something that can be confined by ribs or flesh

It is free to wander

And it does

Sometimes at will

Although mostly

We have no choice in the matter at all

It goes where it wants

Where it's needed

And on occasion, where it shouldn't

It travels to places which we can no longer reach

Far beyond the limitations of this mortal coil

And once we are but dust

I have no doubt...

It shall wander still.