Liar Liar

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Everyone has been burned at least once, and the best thing to do is walk away, graciously. Although, sometimes that's easier said than done. As kids, when someone fibbed to us, we'd point and yell "Liar, Liar pants on fire" but just where did the phrase come from? Enjoy :)


Liar Liar, likes to play with fire
Doesn't know the difference between love & desire
He's ruled by lust, even if it's for hire

When it comes to cheating, he'll never tire
What did I expect from a filthy liar?
He's never afraid to walk that fine wire
For if he is caught, he knows what will transpire
For no one ever leaves Mister Liar Liar
Or so he once thought, bragging aloud to his choir
But now he's cold & alone, his life looks pretty dire
I almost feel bad for old Mister Liar Liar
Though it was pretty funny setting all of his pants on fire


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