Approaching Thirty

I believe that age is just a number Although, I’m aware there’s no escaping

the eternal slumber The world waits, brows furrowed

for me to become an adult As if my sense of childlike wonder

is its biggest insult I may be too old for wishing on stars Or waiting for princes

in crowded bars But I shall never be too old

to fall in love Or find mystery and beauty

in the sky above So what, if I refuse society's design? Who is to say

it’s any better than mine? I’d rather spend my days chasing magic Than being bogged down

my mundane logic I shall live my life like Peter Pan Finding adventure and treasure wherever I can For I know my time here

will come to an end So what little I have

is mine to spend Take my hand

there’s nothing more to say Except “Don’t look down"

Up, Up

and Away!”