Fashionable Fronts

This is a little satirical add campaign I created poking fun at the advertisement industry. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the power of a good add campaign as much as the next guy. But, I can't stand when big companies, particularly in the beauty industry, not so subtly play on peoples insecurities to make money. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder just how far they're willing to go to make a buck.

Welcome to Fashionable Fronts

Tired of waking up to that same drab genuine expression? I mean if you’re sick looking at it, just imagine how your loved ones must feel…

Has that twinkle started to fade from your spouse's eye?

Are your friends often “too busy” to drop by?

Or are those co-workers just not laughing quite as hard at those witty one liners you spent all night on?

Fear not my fancy friends, Fashionable Fronts has just the product for you! Not only do our front ointments come in a range of fabulous flavours, if they aren’t quite to your taste, our staff of highly trained experts will design the perfect front just for you at No Extra Cost!!!

Because here at Fashionable Fronts, the front you fashion is our passion. So why not drop in, there's something for everyone! And for this week only we are giving away free samples of some our most popular lines such as:

Bogus Bliss Has a friend recently tied the knot or found themselves a sparkly new partner? Does your old relationship not shine quite as bright in comparison? If so, Bogus Bliss was made for you. It will bring back that honeymoon glow and add a much needed pinch of “Oh yeah, that's right, I got laid last night”. You’ll be bathing in envy before you know it.

Not So Eager Beaver Are you coming on a little strong? Is that old net of yours scaring fish instead of catching them. Well relax sweetie, this ointment will send those fish swimming your way, instead of in the other direction. This carefully formulated product slowly erodes all signs of desperation and replaces them with smug overtones which just scream “Whatever honey, you know I'm too good for you”. Just lay back and watch those fishies snap.

Clever Cover Do you often have No idea what those friends or co-workers are talking about? Don’t have the time to read up on politics or quantum physics? No problemo com padre, with Clever Cover you’ll both be none the wiser! Why not fake it til ya make it Buddy.

Downer Drowner Recently lost a loved one? Or are you just not shaking off those divorce blues? With the Downer Drowner you don’t have to. Why burdon friends and family with that glum expression any longer. Just apply twice daily and get ready to smile, smile, smile. They’ll never know that you are slowly dying inside.

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Important information! Product may include side effects such as: Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, heart problems, infertility and depression.