The Devenney Halloween Spirit

This is a little snap of my sisters and I embracing the Halloween spirit. Halloween has always been a huge deal in our household. My mum always made such an effort to make the holidays special when we were growing up. Her excitement and enthusiasm always brought them to life. Every year she would help us make costumes, decorate the house, and throw a Halloween party, not for us, but with us, and that is what made it truly magic. She taught us that being a grown up didn't mean abandoning all childlike things, and that you could be silly and have fun at any age.

When I was really young Christmas was my favourite holiday. I loved that magical feeling and I believed in Santa until I was almost 12. I think I believed for so long because I desperately wanted to. I still love Christmas, but Halloween is by far my favourite holiday, because it still has that air of mystery about it. Every year our mum would tell us that Halloween was the one night of the year that the dead could return and walk among us. She told us that we couldn't see them, but they could see us, and that they meant us no harm. They were just checking in and watching over us. This might scare some children, but my sisters and I loved it. Probably because we are obsessed with Tim Burton and horror movies. We spent a large portion of our childhood terrifying one another. But hey, that's what siblings are for right? I Know that Santa isn't real, but I can't say in absolute certainty, that I know ghosts aren't, and I like that. I like that there are things in life that we can never really know for sure. I like to think that there is a little mystery and magic left in the world.

Once we got to a certain age everyone stopped dressing up. We became too old and too cool for fancy dress and trick or treating. I wouldn't admit it back then, but that really sucked. I remember being jealous of my younger siblings who still got to go trick or treating. Thankfully, those sulky in-between years, where everything sucks, are temporary. When we got to our late teens/early twenties, suddenly, dressing up and Halloween parties became cool again... Only this time with alcohol and sluttier costumes. But for me, that's not really what Halloween is about. For me, Halloween is about innocence.

On Halloween, and pretty much during all of October in my house come to think of it, we get to embrace our inner children. We get to dress up, act silly and watch scary movies. There's nothing more special than getting to feel like a kid again. It's something I put a lot of effort into retaining as I get older. Which is probably why I'm a thirty year old tween. There is a quote by Johnny Depp which has always resonated with me, it goes as follows "Growing old is unavoidable, but never growing up is possible. I believe you can retain certain things from your childhood if you protect them - certain traits, certain places where you don't let the world go". For me the spirit of Halloween is one of those things I protect. It is something I wish to never lose. That is why I have added this photo. The spirit of Halloween is one of my fundamental jigsaw pieces.