In this modern age, so much of our social interaction takes place via technology in one form or another. The ways in which we connect and approach dating are very different than they were less than a decade ago. More and more people are meeting and falling in love online. I myself am one of these people. I met my partner Chris on an online dating app. It wasn't long before we started to talk over the phone and through other forms of social media. He was quickly becoming the highlight of my day. There was just one small problem, he lived in New Zealand and I lived in Ireland. We were literally on opposite ends of the globe. Despite this we kept talking. We weren't going to let a measly 11,554 miles get between us. I've always been an old fashioned romantic at heart, and I'd also always intended on visiting New Zealand. I had friends there at the time on working holiday visa's. My original intent was to go and stay with them for the year in Wellington. But my heart was calling me to Auckland. So, I went with it. I hopped on a plane and here I am. Chris and I have been living together for almost three years now (almost 7 as of 2021). I'm pretty sure this surprised a lot of people. Many probably thought I was crazy, and I don't blame them. It could have been an absolute disaster. But it just felt right. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I took the risk and it was honestly the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. I found my person. This is a little something I wrote for him on our first anniversary. #LOVE@1stSKYPE

In sea of talking torso's, making shallow requests, I'd laid all notions of romance, well and truly to rest, Then you came along, putting an old cynic to the test, Sending this wandering heart, right back on its quest, It was not a simple case of hopping from A to B, To make it to you, I'd have to cross the vast sea, One end of the globe to the other, that was you and me, But every mile travelled, well worth it, don't you agree? When love comes a knocking, we must do what we can, And put our words into action, and follow its plan, At first, it seemed a lot to ask, of this doubting man, But honey I have no regret, that's where my life began. Now your hand and mine are warmly entwined, And I never met a man more handsome or kind, Taking that fateful leap, I jumped in cocky and blind, Because I knew in you, true love I would find.