Once Upon A Time

Before I met my prince, I kissed many a frog. But I never gave up. I never settled, even when I was told that fairy tales were for children, and that sometimes we had to make do with real life. Well, I say real life is what what you make it. Everyone deserves a happy ever after. Yes, life is going to throw some dark shit at you my friends, but it's how you deal with it that will define you. If we are never bruised, we never learn to be strong.

Once upon a time there was a boy,

Who'd always choose a book over any toy,

Because this boy believed in once upon a times,

With happy ever afters and clever rhymes,

He had a rare gift, this boy, you see,

He saw the world not as it was, but as it should be,

A gift like this shines ever so bright,

Unfortunately for him, dark things are attracted to light,

He knew they existed, he'd read of such creatures,

But his books were misleading in depicting their features,

Evil did not always appear in dark clothing or covered in fur,

What was once black and white, was beginning to blur,

For when the big bad wolf arrived that fateful night,

He was not only cunning, but a beautiful sight,

If a monster did not always appear as a hideous beast,

Would good still prevail, had they got that right at-least?

The wolf took from this boy, til he had no more to give,

Said and did things much too cruel to forgive,

His darkness slowly smothered the boys magical light,

But his gift was strong and would soon reignite,

It's easy to get lost when someone puts out our flame,

But it's important to remember, we were never to blame,

This boy still believes in once upon a times,

With happy ever afters and clever rhymes.

The End