The Measure of Strength

Is strength really measured on how hard you can punch? Or how much weight you can lift? I am not interested in the answers to these questions. What I would like to know is... Can you be true to yourself? Can you tell the truth, even when it's easier to lie?

When a lie is more comforting or accepted? Can you do what is right and make decisions regardless of popularity? Can you cry? Can you allow yourself to come undone in order to reassemble the broken pieces, forming something even more beautiful and powerful than before? Can you let yourself feel? Even when you have been torn? Can you love? Unconditionally, Unabashedly, And without fear? Can you ask for help when you are in pain? If you answered yes to these questions Then to me, you are not only strong You are remarkable. These are the images we need to attach to strength. So, that sensitive souls are no longer fooled into believing they are weak, Soft, Foolish, Or cowardly. When in fact...

They are the strongest among us. <3