The Trickster

This is the poem that started it all for me. It is the very first poem I ever wrote, well part of it...

I wrote the first verse of this poem when I was seventeen, and very much in what my seventeen-year-old self considered love. I originally wrote the poem on New Years Day after experiencing my first kiss with who I thought was "The One" at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. I rediscovered the poem on a trip home while going through some old note pads. Only the first verse survived. I took this as an opportunity to rewrite history and give the poem a new ending. Given the amount of time passed and the knowledge I acquired not long after said kiss had taken place, the poem became something else entirely. What was once a doting love poem quickly became a cautionary tale. I like to think that the identity of "The Trickster" is left to the reader. Is it the hunter, the fox, or simply the human heart? I uploaded this poem to hitRECord a couple of years ago. That was the first time I had ever shared my writing with anyone besides my best friend. It was pretty daunting at the time. I owe a lot to the amazing and talented community of creatives on hitRECord, their encouragement and feedback are really what inspired me to take my writing seriously. I hope you enjoy.

The Trickster The cold air froze my trembling lips, warmed only by his sweet lingering scent. I saw the moon in his innocent eyes, It shone brighter there than in the sky. Though eyes tell lies when cloaked by desire, and lips can prick when attached to a liar. For a kiss to some is neither sacred or solemn, And when prey is willing only tears will follow. Perceptions are tricky, making truth hard to find, and when love is involved we are all truly blind. But foxes are clever and catch up in time, leaving lonely old hunters much farther behind.