"This is it. She is so dead. Yep, I'm going back in there and finishing the job the second i put this thing out. Maybe, I'll polish off the pack first." - Faith Lehane


This issue kicks things off with a very familiar scene, Buffy and Faith’s epic showdown during Graduation Day, Part One (Season 3, Episode 21). This was the fight that landed Faith in a coma. As she takes a trip down memory lane, Faith mourns the loss of her friendship with Buffy. She concludes that flying solo is the only way to avoid getting hurt (See Buffy Speak of the Week). The story then cuts to present day Britain. Having accepted Giles's mission to assassinate the most dangerous Slayer in the world, Faith prepares to go under cover at Lady Genevieve’s Birthday bash. Giles is communicating with her through an earbud.

“I’m here to help you talk your way out of trouble, but it’s important that you keep conversation to a minimum. The goal is to eliminate your target as quickly as possible, then head for the extraction point. I know how difficult this must be for you, but once it’s finished, your slaying days are over.” - Rupert Giles

Faith removes the earbud and throws it away. She decides that she has enough voices in her head already. As she proceeds to enter the party, she’s stopped by security. When asked if she’d mind stepping aside for a routine security check, she acts like she’s just another entitled rich bitch. Once she’s been adequately frisked and given the all clear, they ask to see her invitation. She responds with distaste, “You honestly expect me to wave around some cheap parchment like a bleeding sped in line at the cinema? Let me inside before I have you sent back to whichever stable-house detail your superiors mistakenly pulled you off of.” Security is satisfied that she’s just another high society brat and let her pass. Once inside, she joins the queue of guests which have lined up to greet Lady Genevieve with gifts and cards. As she closes in on her target, she reveals a knife that she cleverly concealed in her hair. However, as the moment approaches, she begins to lose her nerve.

“Keep it together kid. If G-man is right, I’ll be doing the world a huge favour stabbing this rich skank in the heart. I’ve done worse than this without losing a wink… So why the hell am I shaking so bad now? Just stick it in her and let the girl bleed.” – Faith Lehane

Roden senses something is up. Hidden from view, he’s keeping an eye on Lady Genevieve. His Gargoyles are at his side. He’s already suspicious of Faith. “See that lovely rack, fourth in line to meet Lady Genevieve? Keep an eye on her, would you, Lads? Girl is making my wand tingle, and not in a good way. If she so much as curtsey’s too shallow, turn her to bone and dust.” He commands.

Meanwhile, back in Scotland, Willow is trying to get more information from giant Dawn in order to reverse the spell and return her to normal size. Dawn is sketchy about the details of what went down with Kenny. “Why is everyone so sure this is Kenny’s fault?” She says. Willow explains that it’s because he’s a Thrisewise. Dawn gets emotional and tells Willow that Kenny was the only guy on campus that treated her like a friend and not just a walking pair of boobs.Willow jokes to cheer her up, “Oh sweetie. Don’t talk like that. Boys are into you because of your legs, not those itty-bitty things.” Dawn tells Willow that she's missed her, but before she can explain what happened to her, they are interrupted by Renee. The Slayer apologises for interrupting and informs Willow that Buffy needs her help in ensuring the castles new defense system is up and running. Willow tells Renee that she already checked the perimeters enchanted moat that morning. But Renee tells her that Buffy is looking for Laptop-Geek Willow, not Broomstick-Action Willow. She needs help figuring out the new radar stations they installed to warn them of any incoming attacks from their new military foes.

At Genevieve’s party, Faith is outside having a cigarette on a balcony. She’s trying to work up the nerve to take Genevieve out. She contemplates polishing off the pack before finishing the job. However, her train of thought is interrupted when Genevieve joins her on the balcony and asks to bum a smoke. Faith obliges and introduces herself as Hope Lyonne. The pair bond over their dislike of the snooty crowd inside, family issues and a love of Amy Winehouse. But Faith knows what has to be done. She sneakily begins to pull the knife from her hair, when suddenly, she’s hoisted into the air by the two Gargoyles. “She’s a guest, you imbeciles! Let her go!” Genevieve yells. But Faith proves she can handle herself as she gets all smashy-smashy with the Gargoyles. However, it was no easy fight, and once she’s obliterated them both, she passes out.

As Faith wakes up in Genevieve’s bed, she overhears Roden trying to persuade Genevieve that they need to eliminate her. But the socialite has taken a liking to her and insists that she could use someone like Hope Lyonne by her side. Genevieve explains to Faith that she wants to overtake the Queen. Confused, Faith asks if she’s talking about Queen Elizabeth. Genevieve corrects her, she’s not talking about the Queen of Britain. She’s talking about the Queen Bee of Slayers. She opens her closet, revealing a shrine of various pictures of Buffy. One of these images has the mark of Twilight scrawled over Buffy’s face.

To be continued.

The Watchers Files

No Future For You was written by Brian K. Vaughan and features artwork by Georges Jeanty and Jo Chen

The Second issue of No Future For You is as compelling as the first. I loved the opening flashback to Graduation Day, Part One.

Brian K. Vaughan clearly understands the psychology of this character and that shines through in every piece of dialogue he writes for her.

Vaughan is respectful of the history that has been carved out for Faith on the show. He not only draws on this, he expands upon it.

Faith is a complicated and intricate character and Vaughan balances her toughness and fragility perfectly. He writes her so well, I found myself more invested in her character than any other this season.

This could also be due to the fact that while most of the other characters had come full circle by the end of the show, Faith's journey had only just begun. Her road to redemption was just getting started.


Brian K.Vaughan is best known for his post-apocalyptic comic book series Y: The Last Man. The science fiction series focuses on Yorich Brown, the only male survivor of global androcide (the systematic killing of the male species.) Every mammal with a Y chromozone is simultaneously wiped out, besides Yorich and and his pet monkey, Ampersand. It's wildly original and well worth checking out.

Based on the sales estimates of graphic novels from Diamond U.S to comic specialty stores, No Future For You was the best selling graphic novel of May 2008. It made it into the top twenty the following month, ranking at number fifteen.

Buffy Speak of the Week

Faith: This is Friendship…

Step One: You Finally meet somebody you dig, somebody you can groove with, somebody who doesn’t seem like all the other phony losers out there.

Step Two: They share a little of themselves with you, you share everything with them.

Step Three: It all goes to crap.

They hurt you. You hurt ‘em back. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Whatever. Someday, you might find a way to forgive each other. But it won’t ever be like it used to, ‘cause that pain never really fades away. And in the end, no matter how many wicked good times you had together, you woulda been better off flying solo all along.

Anyway, Live and learn.

Almost die and learn way more.

Faith's opening inner-monologue as she recounts her iconic fight with Buffy in Graduation Day, Part One, is both telling and heartbreaking. The dialogue is ripe with all of the pain and cynicism that really make us feel for her character. Clearly, she's still healing from her past and suffering from major trust and self-esteem issues.

Slayer Rating: 5x5