BTVS Season 8 #12: Wolves at the Gate, Part 1

“I had a wonderful night. And… It’s been a while since I said that. So… tomorrow, I’m gonna think about what we did. And I’m gonna blush. And then I’m gonna smile. But I’m not sure it goes any further than that.” – Buffy Summers


Xander is helping Renee guard the castle grounds. They are looking through a pair of binoculars. They’ve spotted wolves at the gate of the moor. Renee tells Xander that he doesn’t have to babysit her. The last time she pulled sentry duty, Zombies swarmed the castle. She still feels guilty and vows that it won’t happen again. Xander assures her that he’s not there to monitor her. He’s there on his own time, because he wants to be.

Xander: Are you kidding me? Look out there – the moon is full, the stars are bright, the fog is particularly… fog-tastic… who wants to be alone on a night like this?

The issue cuts to Buffy and Satsu… in bed… cuddling under the sheets… naked!

Buffy: Wow. That was… that was… wow.

Satsu: Yeah… “That was wow” pretty much covers it.

Meanwhile, Willow has just flown into the castle with Andrew. It’s the middle of the night and Andrew is feeling a little wobbly from the Dramamine he took. He heads to bed upon arrival. As soon as his back is turned, a gothic Japanese lady, Kumiko, appears in a cloud of mist and attacks Willow.

As Renee and Xander continue to watch over the castle grounds, she tells him that there are better ways to spend time together.

Renee: You could, you know… take me out.

Xander: You want me to assassinate you? Oh. Renee, would you like to go out with me?

Renee accepts and the pair set off to deal with the impending wolf problem. As they leave, fog gathers behind them.

Buffy and Satsu are still in bed together. They’re talking about what happened between them. Buffy has no regrets, but she’s not gay. She’s been upfront and honest with Satsu from the start. They had a great night and Buffy encourages her to stay until morning. She’s not ashamed of what happened. But she suggests that they keep it between them for now. Satsu agrees. However, it’s not long before the cat’s let out of the bag. Xander immediately walks in on them. He came to tell Buffy about the wolf situation. Renee and Andrew aren’t far behind. Andrew tells them that he’s just seen a dozen wolves run past him in the hall. Dawn appears at the window because a swarm of bees just attacked the barn. And lastly, Willow crashes through the ceiling and informs them that they’re under attack.

Willow: Why are you naked in bed with Satsu?

Buffy scrambles to get dressed and yells for everyone to get out of her room. Once she’s thrown her shirt on, she asks where the wolves are. One of the hounds in question has just approached the armory. The door is locked. It transforms into mist and slips under the doorway. Then, it morphs into a gothic Japanese man at the other side. He grabs Buffy’s scythe. Another man, Raidon, appears behind him. He informs him that Kumiko has brought down the witch and they’ve engaged the Slayer forces at the perimeter. Buffy walks in on them and says she really doesn’t like it when people touch her stuff. She punches one of them and he reveals that he’s a vampire. The other man turns into a panther. The vamp gives the scythe to the panther and tells him to go. The kitty runs off while the vamp evaporates into fog and disappears through a vent. The panther crashes through a window, Kumiko grabs the Scythe and they fly away.

The gang have no idea what just transpired. As they try to make sense of it, Buffy and Willow remember this isn’t the first time they’ve witnessed a vampire use transmogrification. They stare at Xander. He curses when he realizes what they’re insinuating.

We cut to Xander and Renee in a helicopter. They’re landing outside a creepy looking castle. Xander asks Renee to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t do anything strange. Renee is confused. She asks him what he means by “strange”. He knocks on the castle door and tells her that sometimes when he’s around this guy he starts acting wonky. The door opens and they are greeted by the one and only, Dracula.

Dracula: Hello, Manservant.

Xander: Hey. How’s it going… Master.

To be continued…

The Watchers Files

I really liked how they handled the Buffy and Satsu storyline. It felt real. There was nothing contrived about it. I think most people, at least the people I know, have experimented at one point in their life. Curiosity is natural and healthy. The most important thing is that both parties are honest about their intentions, before and after, which Buffy was. It was tender, honest and beautiful.

Even though we saw it coming a mile off, the Dracula cliff-hanger at the end was awesome. I love seeing old villains and characters from the show return in the comics.

Wolves at the Gate was a mixed kettle of fish for me. I loved this first instalment. But as the story continues, there’s a couple of plot points that irritate me. But we will get into that later. I thought part one was fantastic.


Happy Pride Month Y'all

In 2009, Wolves at the Gate won the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book. Buffy has always been a trailblazer. It was one of the first TV shows to feature an openly gay couple. It’s representation of the LGBT community has only gotten stronger in the comics.

Buffy Speak of the Week

The scene where everyone walks in on Buffy and Satsu moments after they’d decided to keep things to themselves was comedy gold. The dialogue was hilarious. I think Andrews response was my fave.

Andrew: Oh, Hi Buffy. Hi nude Asian girl. How much Dramamine did I take?


Slayer Rating: 4/5