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My Greatest Accomplishment

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


My Greatest Accomplishment...


Has not earned me shiny medals

Or prestigious accolades


It is not perched on a mantel

Demanding admiration


It is not something I can polish

Or show off at parties


My greatest accomplishment…


Resides quietly within me

It is my optimism


My audacious, unbridled



I have known dark times

And dark people


I am not naïve

I’ve walked this world

I’ve seen its teeth


It has undressed me with those fangs

Left me gasping for air

And begging for reprieve


Naked and ashamed


But even in those moments

Of utter despair


One thing has always remained…




Not only do I persist


I smile

I laugh

I conquer


I bathe in the sun

and marvel at the moon


Not everybody is so lucky


And that is why

Above all else…


I strive to be kind



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