Timothée Chalamet

Tuesday, March 17, 2020



Isn’t anyone else irked?


  The Audacity!


              The Nerve!!   



         The GUMPTION!!!


How on earth has someone who looks like that…


Mustered the moxie to develop…


           A PERSONALITY?




        Timothée Chalamet!


Leave something for the rest of us.


  You can’t have hair like that…


And a beautiful brain underneath it.


  You can’t be sweet…


And have the bone structure of a Greek God.


  You can’t possibly have that much talent…


And have eyes that could melt the polar ice caps.


  This is simply unacceptable!


Not to mention, bad for the environment.




This doesn’t happen very often.


    So Listen up, Millennials!


Let’s not make a habit of this.

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