(An emo prose poem, written in self-isolation)

You can’t fight time, it’s not some playground bully that can be pushed back. Time does the pushing, and no matter how hard we try, we can't sneak around it. We can never go back, only forward. Unless, you can travel faster than the speed of light? Didn't think so. There’s no cheats or loopholes. We’re all just slaves to the clock. Marching on, one by one, tick-tock, tick-tock. Until we finally reach the ledge, and time nudges us forward one very last…Time! And everything…Stops!

Then it has won. Just as it always has, and always will. Time condemns us all to the dirt. Still, we do all we can to delay the inevitable. We have our five a day, exercise, fucking moisturize, whatever it takes to feed our denial. But it always ends the same. Resisting will only cause more pain. Because in the end... Time screws us all.