long lost

You woke me at dawn,

Shipwrecked by my bed,

A letter in a bottle,

Longing to be read.

My lover lay next to me,

Blissfully asleep,

As I unfolded the parchment,

Not making a peep.

Hindsight looks good on you,

But it doesn’t change the fact;

Your billet-doux arrived too late,

There's no going back.

I appreciate your honesty,

Believe me, I do,

But what use have I got,

For another papercut from you?

Because the rumours are true,

I am in love,

And I don’t mean to gloat,

But he may be the one.

You said I look happy,

So, why are you here?

Whispering sweet nothings,

Into my ear.

I will not apologize

For the life that I’ve built,

It didn’t come easy,

So, you can keep your guilt.

But your candour took courage,

And I wish you the best.

May your Decembers be merry,

And all the rest…

You are entitled to your truth,

And no lines have been crossed,

But the last thing I need is another letter,

From a love, long lost.